The Arizona Republic’s understated endorsement of Terry Goddard for Secretary of State

The editors of The Arizona Republic today endorsed Democratic candidate Terry Goddard for Secretary of State, but the editors (again!) mislead voters by asserting that it’s “a close call.” Secretary of State: Goddard has the edge in close call:

goddardDemocrat Terry Goddard and Republican Michele Reagan are intelligent and competent to do a job that is largely about record keeping and overseeing elections. Goddard has an important edge, though, when it comes to experience and vision.

* * *

Each supports reforms that would disclose who is providing the so-called “dark money” used to influence elections through organizations that do not have to reveal donors. Their strategies may be different, but the goal is the same: transparency.

The editors fail to point out, probably because Laurie Roberts was such a cheerleader for Reagan’s so-called “dark money” bill, that Sen. Michele Reagan’s dark money disclosure bill will accomplish little. It had so little support among her colleagues that the bill never advanced past her own committee (it’s good to be chair). In reality, this bill was just Reagan checking off a box to run for higher office. You don’t get credit for doing that. Goddard’s plan to deal with “dark money” is far more substantive and ambitious. Terry Goddard’s Plan to Get Dark Money out of Arizona.

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The trouble with E.Orr: he supports the most radical Tea Party members of the House for leadership

EyeoreThe mythical moderate Republican Ethan Orr (R-Tucson) aka “E.Orr” is supporting some of the most radical Tea Party members of the Hose for leadership positions, which belies the faux “moderate” label the idiot media villagers assign to E.Orr.

The Pima County Democratic Party sent out this press release as a helpful reminder to Tucsonans: We Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Support for Tea Party Leader Shows Orr Is No Moderate

 We are known by the company we keep and Legislative District 9 Rep. Ethan Orr’s decision to publicly support LD-22 Rep. David Livingston’s bid for House Majority Whip is yet more proof that Mr. Orr can no longer hide behind the false label of “moderate.”

Livingston is a self-proclaimed member of the “Tea Party” and a  “constitutionalist” who voted in support of the Republican’s religious bigotry bill SB 1062 and has received 100% rating with the anti-choice Center for Arizona Policy and the endorsement of noted bigot former state Senator Russell Pearce. What’s more, Livingston last summer traveled to Nevada to show support for rancher Cliven Bundy and his followers after they threatened to commit violence against federal agents.

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‘Cathi’s Clown’ Doug Ducey will do the bidding of CAP

HerrodI have been telling you this for months. “Cathi’s Clown” Doug Ducey is the alter ego of his campaign adviser Cathi Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy, the “Dr. Evil” of religious bigotry and discrimination. A vote for Doug Ducey is a vote to put Cathi Herrod in an adjoining office in the governor’s office.

The Phoenix New Times reports Doug Ducey Aligns Perfectly With Cathi Herrod on Candidate Surveys:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey recently has downplayed his relationship with Cathi Herrod, the Christian Right lobbyist who serves as one of Ducey’s top policy advisers on his campaign.

* * *

Well, how closely to Ducey and Herrod’s views align? Perfectly, according to Ducey’s answers on the Center for Arizona Policy’s candidate surveys.

All candidates for public office in Arizona are offered the chance to fill out this survey, which Ducey has done twice — once in 2010, when he ran for state treasurer, and again this year.

In both years, Ducey’s answers were completely consistent with the Center for Arizona Policy’s agenda.

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(Update) There’s crazy, and then there’s Kansas crazy

Things are getting surreal in the land of  Oz, er, Kansas. the Topeka Capitol-Journal reports on Monday’s court hearing to force Democrats to pick a replacement candidate for the U.S. Senate. No ruling in bid to make Dems fill Senate candidate vacancy:

DorothyA three-judge Shawnee County panel didn’t decide Monday whether Kansas Democrats should be required to fill the vacancy left when Chad Taylor dropped out of the closely contested U.S. Senate campaign against Sen. Pat Roberts, a three-term Republican.

The court challenge seeking to force Democrats to fill the vacancy hit a stumbling block Monday when David Orel, the man who filed the suit, failed to show up for his day in court.

The judges didn’t rule on whether the suit was still viable in light of the plaintiff’s absence, preferring instead to hear more arguments before making a ruling they indicated would come before 2 p.m. Wednesday — the time Secretary of State Kris Kobach says ballots absolutely must have candidate names to be sent to printers.

Orel, a Kansas City, Kan., man whose lawsuit said he wanted the right to vote for a Democrat in the Senate race, wasn’t in the Shawnee County District Courtroom when his case was heard, causing the three-judge panel to break and decide whether the case was still viable.

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Beautiful kimono exhibit opening at Yume Japanese Gardens


Kimonos made with exceptional skill from fine materials have long been regarded as great works of textile art, often hand painted, embroidered, or brocaded and sometimes costing thousands of dollars. Join us to view nearly two dozen examples of the traditional Japanese robe, ornamented with beautiful painterly designs.

This exhibition runs from Oct. 1 to Nov. 23 and admission to it is included with entrance to the Gardens. Accompanying the exhibition is a permanent display of 19th-century woodblock prints depicting scenes of daily life in pre-modern Japan.

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Yet another televised debate ignores reproductive rights.


This is getting old. Monday night’s Clean Election debate was aired on Phoenix PBS Channel 8 and, of course, there was not one question on the candidates’ stances on reproductive rights. It’s as if the entire MSM here has developed amnesia about the legislature here and their constant attempts to restrict and deny access to common forms of women’s health care like abortions and contraception. Whoever is governor is going to be getting a buttload of bills concerning the proper use of the female chattel and their ladyparts. It matters who that Governor is and the candidates ought to be asked to provide detailed answers on their positions. I mean, dear lord, couldn’t these media people at least consider how much of their precious, holy tax money is going to go to defending these things in court? I guess not. Continue reading