Terry Goddard responds to the ‘Kochtopus’ 60 Plus Association ‘dark money’ ads

Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Terry Goddard, who has made reining in “dark money” by requiring transparency and disclosure in campaign finance the centerpiece of his campaign, responds to the late surge of “dark Money” from the “Kochtopus” 60 Plus Association, in an op-ed in the Tucson Weekly. Terry Goddard: “Dark Money Tries To Deceive Voters”:

goddardThe 60 Plus Association describes itself as a “non-partisan seniors advocacy group,” but like anything involving Dark Money, what they say is far from true.

The 60 Plus Association, in fact, is a Koch Brothers-backed front group that floods our airwaves with political ads paid for with anonymous corporate cash designed to distort our elections and deceive voters.

But it also has another purpose: to advocate for the privatization of Social Security.

60 Plus is a major player in the fight for Social Security Privatization. That proposal was the brainchild of hedge fund managers who would profit from privatization and who write big checks to political organizations, not seniors who rely on Social Security.

The focus of my campaign for Secretary of State has been stopping Dark Money. I have made it clear from the first day of my campaign that I am running to stop the anonymous corporate cash flooding into Arizona, one of the biggest threats to our democracy.

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Sen. Steve Farley on the state of education in Arizona

Senator Steve Farley, Democrat (LD 9), takes off the gloves in this op-ed in the Arizona Republic. Arizona schools are burning while lawmakers fiddle:

FarleyI’m a state senator, and I want to talk about the state of education in Arizona.

I’m going to be very direct.

A couple of weeks ago, not for the first time, I toured Tucson High (my daughter’s school) along with fellow legislators. Alongside dedicated, overworked and underpaid teachers changing kids’ lives for the better, here’s what we saw:

Due the to lack of state funding, more than 10 percent of Tucson High’s classrooms are deemed to be a danger to students and faculty and are locked away. The photo above shows just one of 23 hazardous and unusable classrooms in a school of 3,500 with class sizes currently in the mid-30s.

There are not enough textbooks for students, and many are outdated. There are six counselors on staff with a caseload of 600 students each. There are only computers available for about 20 percent of the students, and many of those are more than 10 years old.

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GOTV Weekend – All Hands on Deck!

If you have not already volunteered to get out the vote (GOTV), this is the last weekend before Election Day on Tuesday. You can certainly spare a few hours of your time to work a shift as part of your civic duty as an American citizen. This is what democracy is all about, people! Here are some GOTV events this weekend.


Other stops on the DuVal-Garcia “Thank You” tour of Pima County:

1:35-2:40 p.m.
Barber Campaign Headquarters, 5920 E. Pima St., Suite 200
Contact: Kurt Bagley – 801.557.8984

3-3:20 p.m.
Grijalva Campaign Headquarters, 309 E. Seventh St.
Contact: Terri Berg – 520.358.5066

3:50–4:20 p.m.
NW Democrats Office, 10550 N. La Cañada Dr. Suite 130 (at Lambert Ln.)
Contacts: Alison Marciniak – 480.332.2462 or Sam Falconer -602.738.8811

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VoteTODAY is your LAST CHANCE to return your early mail-in ballot! Do it NOW!

Some counties warned that yesterday was your last chance to mail your early mail-in ballot. If you are not confident in timely mail delivery, you can drop off your early mail-in ballot TODAY at your County Recorder’s office, or any early voting polling location.

Some counties will have “emergency” voting on Monday where you can also drop off your early mail-in ballot.

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The GOP Wrecking Crew: ‘ It’s hard to imagine a Congress less productive than this one, but obstructionism could actually get worse ‘

For those of you who have not read Thomas Franks’ 2009 tome, The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Ruined Government, Enriched Themselves, and Beggared the Nation in awhile, it may be time to take it off the bookshelf for another read.

The New York Tines editorializes today, The Prospect of a Republican Senate:

WreckingCrewIn a rare fit of realism on Tuesday, Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, admitted he would be unable to repeal the Affordable Care Act if Republicans win the Senate next week and he becomes majority leader. That would take 60 votes, he said, and no one thinks Republicans will get that many.

But conservatives reacted with anger to what they considered a demonstration of weakness, and on Thursday Mr. McConnell was forced to backtrack. Yes, his spokesman told The Washington Examiner, Mr. McConnell remains “committed to the full repeal of Obamacare” with only a simple majority, through a parliamentary procedure known as reconciliation.

Those two comments are a pretty good indication of what life will be like in Congress if Republicans gain control of the Senate in Tuesday’s election, and if Mr. McConnell wins his race in Kentucky. It’s not just that they are committed to time-wasting, obstructionist promises like repeal of health care reform, which everyone knows President Obama would veto. The bigger problem is that the party’s leaders have continually proved unable to resist pressure from the radical right, which may very well grow in the next session of Congress.

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(Update) Whatever happened with Boehner’s lawsuit against the president?

The TanMan, Weeper of the House John Boehner, told Americans this past summer that he was filing a lawsuit against the tyrannical Obama because he had delayed the implementation of a provision of “ObamaCare” that Boehner’s own Tea-Publican House had voted over 54 times to repeal (Newsflash: the GOP intends to schedule more repeal votes in the next Congress).

Back in September I told you about Whatever happened with Boehner’s lawsuit against the president?  While low information voters and regular viewers of FAUX News thought that the lawsuit was filed at the time the TanMan announced it, the lawsuit was never actually filed. And a similar case to the one Republicans were pushing was thrown out of court. Court tosses Obamacare mandate lawsuit brought by doctors.


Since then, the TanMan has gone through two law firms who took a look at this turkey of a case and decided not to pursue it (probably out of concern for a violation of professional ethics not to file a frivolous lawsuit).

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