Gaza: Your Tax Dollars at Work

I’ve intended to write on the massacre in Gaza but can’t stop reading long enough to write. It’s late, and the best I can do is pass along a few posts on the U.S. role in this tragedy, one from and the other from, both of which are providing solid coverage.

First, Jonathan Cook at Mondoweiss, in US plays decisive role in Israel’s attack on Gaza. Cook discusses two recent investigations by the Israeli media, one involving the contrived nature of the recent Egyptian ceasefire proposal and the other involving U.S. complicity in the expansion of Israeli settlements on the West Bank.

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What about the ladies with this boycott thing?

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I can’t argue with Markos Moulitsas for keeping his pledge to boycott Arizona until SB1070 is fully overturned and I doubt he’s going to be persuaded out of it, judging from the scathing statement he issued about Phoenix hosting Netroots Nation in 2015.

I made very clear in the wake of Arizona’s passage of SB 1070 that I would not be setting foot in the state, nor spending a dime in it until the law was revoked. The law, however gutted by the courts, remains on the books, as does systemic harassment of Latinos, so my pledge still stands.

In a subsequent post he clarified that his not going was a personal choice and not a statement on what anyone else decides to do.

1. As a Latino, I do not feel safe in Arizona, a state that continues to profile and harrass Latinos because of the way they look. So I’m not going to go, nor am I going to put my family or my staff at risk.

2. I am not leading a boycott. I am personally not attending. I don’t care if you go or don’t go. I won’t think better or worse about you regardless of what decision you make. But organizationally, I won’t spend a dime on a state that has codified overt racism. If you disagree, that’s fine! If you agree, that’s fine! You get to make that call. Continue reading

Sen. Chuck Schumer shills for corporate Democrats

StopTop2Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-Wall Street)  penned an op-ed in the New York Times in support of a Top Two Primary, like the dismal experiment in California. End Partisan Primaries, Save America.

The reason for this is that it would advance corporate interests, as explained below. Chuck knows who his campaign contributors are, and they reside on Wall Street.

Jaime Fuller writing for the Washington Post’s The Fix column asks Chuck Schumer wants the U.S. to adopt a top-two primary system. But is it working?

California’s primary last month left seven intra-party congressional races for November.

Seven out of 53 congressional seats isn’t a whole lot, but the supporters of the “top two” primary system — which has all candidates, regardless of party, face off in a super primary where the two poll leaders advance to the general election — never promised that the change would revolutionize politics in the state, especially in federal congressional races. Proposition 14, which legislated the election change in June 2012, was mostly focused on giving moderates a chance to get elected in state legislatures.

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Adam Kwasman’s defining moment

Local conservative commentator Emil Franzi writes that:

Recently, I pointed to the inadequacies of two losers on the GOP primary ticket. Bad news for the GOP — there’s more.

Tom Horne and John Huppenthal are trumped in the bozo category by state Rep. and CD1 candidate Adam Kwasman, whose classic appearance picking the wrong bus in Oracle has now gone both viral and network. It was Kwasman’s defining moment – check it out by googling “Adam Kwasman.”

I opined that Horne and Huppenthal should leave town and live in another state under assumed names. Kwasman will need another planet.

Arnulfo Bermudez who toons as “Arnie” has provided Blog for Arizona with an exclusive toon for Adam Kwasman’s defining moment.

Note: Arnulfo Bermudez draws for the


The GOP’s war on healthcare

Q. What’s the difference between a Ukrainian rebel with a rocket launcher and a lawyer challenging the Obamacare subsidies?

A. The Ukrainian doesn’t intend to hurt innocent people.

So says Andre Koppelman at the Balkinization blog and The New Republic about the GOP’s war on healthcare. Obamacare Opponents Are Hurting 4.5 Million Workers to Win a Political War:

EthicsThe legal argument against the subsidies is weak on the merits.  But merits aside, the case raises important questions about the ethics of political warfare. When is it acceptable to deliberately aim to harm huge numbers of people in order to score a symbolic point? The point here is to discredit Obamacare; the casualties are simply a means to that end.

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Ride new Tucson streetcar Sun Link for free for 3 days



Well, the day is almost upon us when the modern streetcar Sun Link will start operation – July 25.  For the first 3 days, anyone (you too!) can ride it for free.  Just hop on & off between the Mercado San Agustin (west end) and the University of Arizona Health Center (east end).  In between of course is downtown (Congress Street and Broadway Blvd.), 4th Avenue shopping district, Main Gate Square, and of the course the UA.  Free rides start about 10 a.m. after the ceremonies on July 25.

More details on how to ride Sun Link at this Downtown Tucson link

More info on the grand opening weekend, click here.

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