Emerge! Mother of the Year Luncheon


“Please join us on May 9th for Emerge!’s 15th Annual Mother of the Year Luncheon as we celebrate the strength and success of mothers who have overcome domestic abuse to find safety and healing. This year, we will also welcome internationally renowned keynote speaker Tony Porter, co-founder of A CALL TO MEN, who will engage us with a powerful look at the underlying causes of intimate partner violence, and speak to the ways in which men and boys can positively impact these social issues. Like Emerge!, A CALL TO MEN is working to address domestic abuse as a collective community issue, needing a collective community solution. Join us as we launch a critical initiative—together we can create a community where all homes are safe.”

$75 per individual ticket, $1,000 for a table of ten
Purchase your tickets today! Call 520-795-8001 ext 7013 

 Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse: http://www.emergecenter.org/news-events/moy/


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It appears the Arizona Legislature finally has a budget for the coming year . The $9.58B package includes Governor Ducey’s $8 million tax cut for businesses (due to double to $16 million in FY 2018), but does not restore the KidsCare health care program for 30,000 low-income children. Arizona is the only state in the nation that does not provide this program for its poorer children, even though it would cost the state and its taxpayers…wait for it…NOTHING! The deal also doesn’t restore the $116 million in cuts made last year to K-12 funding and it doesn’t delay the move to current year funding for our Districts, originally slated to cost them $31 million. What it does, is provide funding to mitigate the cuts: 1) associated with the move to current year funding; 2) approved last year to district-sponsored charter schools (saving these schools $1.1 million); and 3) to smaller charter schools (that would have cost them about $6.5 million.) Finally, it eliminates a change that determines how certain schools qualify for new construction (which would have cost them funding.)

The Arizona Republic reported that “lawmakers heaped praise on House Appropriations Committee Chairman Justin Olson, R-Mesa, for brokering and agreement” that reversed cuts to public schools. Don’t know about you, but I see a recurring theme here and don’t think it is worth any praise. Our Republican-controlled Legislature makes a bunch of cuts to programs important to the majority of Arizonans so they can provide tax breaks to their corporate buddies. When the people get wind of it and complain, they restore some of the cuts and claim they are heroes for their hard work to restore the funding. Here’s an idea…how’s about you just don’t cut these programs in the first place? How’s about you realize the investment in education is the way forward to a brighter future for Arizona? How’s about you show you care more about children than corporations? Continue reading

GOP budget sacrifices Arizona’s children on the altar of tax cuts for corporate Plutocrats

Don’t say that I didn’t warn you — the rats like to do their dirty work at night under cover of darkness when no one is around to see what they are doing. While you were sleeping: Legislature approves budget:

Pedi_ExamIn the wee hours Wednesday morning, the Arizona Legislature approved a $9.6 billion budget that restores some funding to K-12 education and provides a tax cut for business owners, while ignoring passionate pleas to revive a children’s health care program for low-income families.

The spending plan that will head to Gov. Doug Ducey passed with Republican support while Democrats ripped its failure to revive the federally funded KidsCare, which they said would have covered 30,000 children at no cost to the state.

The budget voting ran until 1:40 a.m. . . .

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9-9-9 Tour comes to Tucson today: Tell the Senate to do its job!

You may have recently read about the White House PR campaign to break the unprecedented GOP blockade of the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court. White House allies make new push for Garland:

GarlandWith time ticking on what White House aides see as their last, slim chance to get Merrick Garland confirmed before the November election — the unlikely scenario he’ll get a hearing and a vote before the Senate breaks for the summer — allies will launch new operations and ads starting Saturday to pressure GOP senators during next week’s recess.

To date, the outside allies have focused on the states with the five most vulnerable GOP incumbents (New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois) and Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley’s Iowa. Now they’ll be expanding the map to cover three more incumbents up for reelection: Arizona’s John McCain, North Carolina’s Richard Burr and Missouri’s Roy Blunt.

They’re calling it the 9-9-9 campaign: nine states, over nine days, to push for a court with nine justices. (No apologies to Herman Cain, who coined the term for his 2012 tax plan.)

More and more, though, they’re going to be talking about Donald Trump, tying in Republicans’ discomfort with the largely unpopular likely Republican nominee to say that refusing President Barack Obama’s nominee amounts to enabling a would-be President Trump’s.

The 9-9-9 Campaign comes to Tucson today. See details below the break.

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