Two Very Different .01 Percents

Most readers here know about the top .01%. They’re the richest of the rich, the top 1% of the top 1% in America. They number about 33,000. They control over 10% of the nation’s wealth and about 6% of our income. They are responsible for the lion’s share of contributions to both political parties. Call them the lucky .01%.

I’ve given a lot of thought to the lucky .01% in my work regarding the concentration of wealth in America.

For the past few days, thought, I’ve been thinking more about a different .01% of us: the 33,000 or so Americans who will lose their lives to gun violence next year if our gun policies and our “gun culture” does not change. They’re the unlucky .01%.

Of course, the two .01 percents are not mutually exclusive. theoretically, a person could belong to both groups. Indeed, if the unlucky .01% were chosen at random from the entire population, we would expect 3 or 4 members of the lucky .01% also to be members of the unlucky .01%.

What if we  knew in advance that the lucky .01%, as a group, was destined to become next year’s unlucky .01%. Continue reading

The Haunted Ruins at Valley of the Moon (Oct. 9 to 30)


This is an annual, very spooky event leading up to Halloween. Be scared.

More info:

Power Through Paris Workshop in Tempe 10/14/2015

power through paris


Wednesday, October 14, 6:00 PM American Heart Association (Activity Center)
Tempe, AZ 85282
You’ll be able to see the exact address and contact the event host after you RSVP.

2015 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history. Yet momentum is growing to stop this climate change crisis. Political and religious leaders are beginning to get the message—that people like you have been voicing for years.

We are carrying this momentum to the global gathering of governments at the Paris climate change talks — and beyond. We are organising events across the world in November and December, and in order to make them beautiful and powerful we need everyone to work together.

The workshop will help us build energy, learn how movements build momentum, and lay out 350’s plans of “Power Through Paris”—including how we’re planning now to escalate after the Paris climate talks, regardless of their outcome.

The workshop will also serve as the official launch of the Phoenix chapter so in addition to the Power Through Paris activities we’ll brainstorm other ways to fight for climate change action in the Valley of the Sun.

Facebook link to event.

What is Terry Goddard thinking??

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open primaries dark money
Already trying to make them look similar. Except they’re not. Not even remotely.

Ugh. (Emphasis mine.)

“They both help each other,” [Paul] Johnson said. “The polling was very clear. If they both end up on (the ballot), even through independent efforts, they both help each other.”
More public support may be just what Open Primaries Arizona needs. When Johnson ran a top-two primary measure in 2012, it suffered a landslide defeat. Two-thirds of Arizonans rejected the plan, which garnered only 33 percent of the vote. Johnson’s group is making some changes to the top-two plan, which he said will make it more palatable to voters.

Open Primaries Arizona has commissioned several polls on the top-two primary and other election reforms, including requiring dark money to be disclosed, as other election spending is. Chuck Coughlin of HighGround, which Johnson’s group has retained (!), said polling has shown a lot of support for both ideas.

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